Office etiquette is ever evolving. Forbes’ Susan Adams reviews 301 Smart Answers to Tough Business Etiquette Questions by Vicky Oliver. We agree one of the most troubling etiquette problems is the advancement of gadgets that offer the user the ability to ‘check out’ regardless of the surroundings. It’s rude to have your nose in a smartphone or ears plugged in to tune out the world. Be respectful of the human beings in your space.

Our favorite elevator etiquette tips:

  •  Don’t listen to your music player in the elevator. “Wearing earplugs is like putting a Do Not Disturb sign on you,” she says. It sends a message to colleagues that you want to be left alone, an unfriendly gesture at best.
  •  Don’t check your e-mail messages in the elevator either, she adds. “That’s acting like you’re in an isolation tank,” she points out. Unplugging is not just polite, she adds. “If you want to get ahead, you have to break out of your cocoon.” Elevators and hallways are prime spots for friendly, positive interactions with colleagues. Use them.

Read the full article, The New Rules Of Business Etiquette.

Looking to stir things up in the elevator to crack the tension? Try the old standby joke – stand backwards and face the other passengers. What the reactions fly – it’s fascinating and is always good for a laugh!

Clare Hefferren

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