A Broken Brand

Have you ever been embarrassed to hand out your business card? Or cringe when they ask for your website url? I own it. We made the cardinal sin of neglecting our own brand as we were distracted by client projects. It was a big fall. #bridesmaidsyndrome

You know what? I was ok with a scraped knee (gashed blood oozing road rash) that wouldn’t heal, for as I stood up to adjust my Oakleys, my perspective changed. The world, Callosum, nor I, were as we were in 2006 when Callosum was founded. We began in city skyscrapers. For a decade now we’ve been adventurous mountain town dwellers. The unsettling feeling began ~4 years ago. I took the time to align my personal values with my personal life, and voila magic happened, except argh. It was then glaringly obvious that I needed to do the same with Callosum.

To answer our WHY.

To be of service. To make an impact. To be empathetic. I don’t want to be known for stuff or stats. Callosum wants to make a difference in the world.  We’re willing to do the tough work of openhearted risk because we believe there are amazing brands out there that deserve to be in the spotlight. Bringing light with charged batteries for the long-haul is what keeps us going. #forceforgood

Take our word for it: 

  • A Brand Platform is a great start.
  • Branding is NEVER done. You need to massage it. Nurture it. Invest in it. 
  • An annual brand audit is vital to confirm you are on strategy.
  • If you are simply creating content with no clear game plan, your dollars, time and effort are wasted. 

And with this, we proudly reveal the new 2020 Callosum rebrand! Our affiliate team of 20+ is beyond excited to see what new clients and collaborations are ahead to be of service to you and the greater good.

We sure you hope you got outside today!

Clare Hefferren

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